Assessing EI as part of the recruitment process

From having been not listed at all, The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report now believes that Emotional Intelligence (EI) will be the...

Characteristics of successful employers in today's market

Just like job-seekers, employers today are playing by a whole new set of rules dictated by developments in digital media, technology, society and...
Case Study

Building the Cricket World Cup 2019 delivery workforce

How Global sports partnered with the ICC and The Cricket World Cup 2019 Organising committee to build the best event delivery workforce possible...

Why your HR function must embrace a digital approach

The industry has never been more global or more competitive – the best talents have the whole world to aim at and organisations need to take full...
Industry Intelligence

Changing Trends: The importance of digital in the talent process

An interview conducted with Will Lloyd Chief Executive Officer at Global Sports for Sport Accord Convention.
Case Study

Flexible talent solutions for Powerbar Europe

With a new corporate structure required a new approach to talent acquisition for PowerBar Europe GMBH. Global Sports provided the flexible...
Case Study

Helping realise Britain's Olympic ambitions

The British Olympic Association’s talent acquisition strategy has been transformed by embracing a digital approach which is delivered through...