The Sports Industry is Misaligned with Employee Working Preferences

After the key findings of our People Agenda 3rd Edition report. It is clear to see that employers in the sports industry aren't in sync with employees around hybrid working.

Now in its third year, the People Agenda was created to give a global, data-driven analysis of attitudes and behaviours across the sports industry employee market. It is the definitive annual temperature check to help those running sports businesses make better and more informed decisions around their HR strategy and how to attract and retain the best possible talent.


Flexibility In How People Work Is Key

In this year's People Agenda, sports industry professionals told us that they want the flexibility and the autonomy to work in a way that suits them.

However, 70% of sports industry professionals cite hybrid working as their preferred working practice, but nearly half (46%) are currently going into the office five days a week.

And notably, only 58% believe their employer has adapted successfully to enable remote working – despite it being more than two years now since the Covid pandemic hit.

At Global Sports, we fully support hybrid and remote working. Our fantastic team is based all around the world and we have drop-in offices in multiple locations for them to use as they see fit. Flexible working has allowed us to build a global team with diverse skills and different perspectives.


The pandemic emphasised that a rigid '9-5, fivedays-a-week-in-the-office' approach doesn't deliver the best productivity, well-being and job satisfaction for the vast majority of people.
Two Circles' philosophy is that our people work where they work best, and in a daily routine that delivers the best output for themselves and our business.
For many that means coming into the office regularly, but for many - in particular parents across Two Circles – it means working patterns that are in their control and help them maintain thriving professional and personal lives in tandem.
We're really proud of our relatively low level of employee turnover, which is intrinsically connected to that.
Kat McCreadie, Talent Director, Two Circles



Being able to give employees the genuine support they need to progress their careers when working remotely or in a hybrid setting is perhaps the key to understanding the disconnect.

Productivity, and the infrastructure for hybrid or remote working, are only pieces of a bigger puzzle; employees perform at their highest level when they have effective support that includes line management, and personal development and socialising opportunities.

Business leaders need to take their whole company into consideration when building the plans and policies that may challenge the old order when creating a new way of working.



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