The People Agenda 3rd Edition Report: Power With The People

A definitive analysis of attitudes and behaviours of sports professionals in the year that talent held the keys to the employment market.

Now in its third year, the People Agenda was created to give a global, data-driven analysis of attitudes and behaviours across the sports industry employee market. It is the definitive annual temperature check to help those running businesses make better and more informed decisions around their HR strategy and how to attract and then retain the best possible talent.

Methodology: The People Agenda

This year, it includes a new metric 'the Global Sports Career Health Indicators' to provide an annual, measurable view of the most important factors in creating a thriving workforce.
We hope the Career Health Indicators, and our range of other insights gained from speaking to over 600 people representing 89 nationalities and working in more than 93 countries, prove valuable, enabling you to make informed decisions about your organisation’s most valuable asset, your people.

At the heart of every successful business are the employees who make it all possible. They are the driving force behind every decision, every innovation, and every success.
A clear focus and an uncompromised commitment to employee development is key. With this, sport can create aculture of excellence that will drive success for years to come, and ensure this amazing, rewarding industry we work in continues to thrive.
Mark Bullingham, Chief Executive, The FA


Outlook: Power With The People

Overall, 2022 was a positive and buoyant year for the sports talent marketplace from both an employee and job-seeker perspective.

While 2021 was characterised by Covid recovery –unemployment across sports industry professionals falling to 4% from 24% in 2020 –2022 was one that saw the power with the People: employees reassessing work/life balances and taking better-paid roles in a sector plagued by skills shortages.

Job seekers are now placing greater emphasis on aligning their values with those of the companies they work for. This includes prioritising organisations that take a clear stance on important topics like climate change and social equality, offer excellent benefits and flexible work arrangements, and celebrate diversity.

As a result, businesses will need to work harder than ever to attract and retain top talent. Much of this will come organically through their own work on company purpose. But much will also come with investing in people: delivering career opportunities, taking the front foot on learning and development, and rewarding employees financially for their hard-earned results.

Everyone at Global Sports is more driven than ever to help the sports industry achieve this, and we are keen to do everything within our power to help clients ensure their Career Health Indicators are higher in 12month’s time–and across the board.

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