Case Study: Embedded Hiring 360° for Arsenal FC

Global Sports Embedded Hiring 360° provided a full-time solution to the in-house talent team at Arsenal FC, managing all their current and new recruitment needs across all head office departments with a focus on increasing the diversity of their candidates.

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Hire Ratio
Current cost saving
equivalent to 18% agency fee
Working days
average time to hire
Roles Filled


Who is Arsenal FC?

Arsenal  company logo

Arsenal FC is one of the most well-known and successful football clubs in England and has a rich history in the sport.
Steeped in tradition, Arsenal has thrived on its pioneering and innovative spirit throughout its 125 years. While society and football may have changed during this time, Arsenal has always served to create a sense of community for people in Islington, the UK and now around the world.


What specific hiring challenges did The Gunners have before partnering with Global Sports?

Arsenal FC were looking for additional support for their head office and wider club recruitment, having recently had changes within their in-house talent acquisition team. They were interested in a partner who could provide a holistic service to deliver their end-to-end hiring process, fully supporting hiring managers and the HR team, while providing a best-in-class experience for all candidates. They had a strong focus on ED&I and particularly wanted to appoint more female hires at all levels in the club.


The Global Sports Solution 

The Global Sports Embedded Hiring 360° solution offers comprehensive support for Arsenal's in-house HR team by providing full-time assistance. This comes from a dedicated Talent Partner, who efficiently manages the entire hiring process and directly sources candidates for all immediate job openings. This approach, not only significantly reduces the operational recruitment workload for Hiring Managers and the HR team, but also ensures that every applicant has an outstanding candidate experience that aligns with Arsenal's mission, values, and culture.
By leveraging the 360° solution, we have been able to enhance the quality and diversity of job applications. This is achieved through targeted direct searches, proactive talent pooling, and access to our extensive database of over 200,000 candidates. We further expanded the reach of Arsenal's employer brand by promoting job vacancies across various advertising channels and social media platforms.


The Results So Far

In 6 months, the Global Sports Embedded Hiring 360° solution has already achieved 29 successful hires for Arsenal. This achievement includes an impressive 65% ratio of female to male hires, surpassing the sports industry average by 45%. Additionally, the average time to hire stands at 30 working days, which is 8 days faster than the industry norm.

Moreover, this solution has not only met Arsenal's diversity goals for new hires but has also resulted in significant cost savings for the organisation. To date, it has saved the business a substantial £245,385 when compared to the costs of equivalent agency services.



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